ARE Tonneau Covers vs. Ranch Tonneau Covers

Posted February 15, 2012 by Meagan Myatt in Brands

ARE Tonneau Covers

ARE is a well known brand for painted fiberglass tonneau covers, but have you ever wondered why they aren’t sold online? ARE sells two types of tonneau covers:

LSX Series and the LSII Series

LSX series







ARE claims they don’t sell them online ‘due to the many options and configurations’. This means the only way you can purchase one is through an authorized dealer. The only problem with that is, the dealership is going to charge you extra just to install the cover when you could be saving that money and just install it yourself. The install doesn’t take long and requires no drilling at all. So overall you’re spending quite a bit more than you’d have to if you purchased the cover online.

ARE Tonneau Covers vs Ranch Tonneau Covers

If you’re going to spend the hundreds of dollars on a painted hard fiberglass tonneau cover, why not look around at all of your options first?

The Ranch Sportwrap and the Ranch Legacy are two other option to choose from that have the same basic features as the ARE covers, plus they come at a much better price and free shipping when you buy it on websites like or

Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover
Ranch Fiberglass Tonneau Cover







More to think about:

  • Both are custom painted fiberglass covers that match your truck
  • Both use gas springs to assist opening
  • Both wrap over the tailgate AND lock to give you maximum security
  • Both will look great on your truck
  • Both covers clamp on and have a drill free installation

So after seeing how similar these two brands are, do the minor extra features for the ARE covers justify the difference in cost?

Here’s some more advantages of a Ranch Tonneau Cover.

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